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Brand new and high quality
The-dice bag is made-of PU materials, long-term use will not fade or damage, but will have a unique luster of leather.
The-dice bag with drawstring design-is easy-to fold and unfold. You can control the expanded area by relaxing or tightening the drawstring.
This handmade drawstring leather is not only suitable for-dice game, -you can also use it as-a coin purse. It can hold coins, keys and other small things.
No matter-where you go, you can carry this small bag with-you. The drawstring at the end of the drawstring can be fixed to your backpack, luggage bag and other similar-items.
Dice-pouch looks-like a lucky bags, with a large pocket mouth, can store the-items you want easily. An excellent gift for friend, family and loved ones.

Viking Dice Bag

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