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  • THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR 3D TERRAIN - Our CZYY Dungeon Walls offer an excellent solution to the age-old problem of the 3D dungeon. Simply place a length of walls onto the game mat, and bend it into the shape of your dungeon room. It’s easy, convenient, adds the cool factor of 3D to your game!
  • REALISTIC BRICK WALL DESIGN - For the walls individual briks are made in same size and stacked on top of each other. The stone pattern on the tile base is also very detailed. Realistic and sculptural looking wall elements - The ideal look for a fantastic fantasy dungeon. Details on walls will allows you to more perform your adventures!
  • SIZE & MATERIAL - Laser-cut and engraved from high-quality birch plywood. All tile base sizes are 2x1 inches, and wall height is 36mm. The Wall is for games that support 28mm-scale. It was selected for convenience and goes well with most of the standard minis.
  • MODULAR DESIGN, MORE SCALABILITY - The Dungeon Brick Wall is modular and compatible with all of our terrain series. With additional sets is possible to extend and build endless modular possibilities of your imaginations. The stunning flexibility!
  • GREAT FOR ANY TABLETOP RPG - This Dungeon Scatters are suitable for a lot of games system: Savage World, D&D, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, AD&D, Infinity, Malifaux and etc. Works great with any 1" gaming map!

Brick Walls

A must have when arranging scatter and making skirmishes more interesting. These gaming minis are designed for use in tabletop games, and sized at 28mm scale. These are made of birch playwood, durable and easily assembled.

Our CZYY Gaming Gear is modular in design, so all dungeon tiles and components are compatible with each other.

This terrain kit is suitable for a lot of games system: Savage World, D&D, Pathfinder, Frostgrave, AD&D, Infinity, Malifaux and other RPGs.

Set Includes:
8 - 2"x1" Straight Walls.
2 - 1"x1" Straight Walls.
2 - 2"x1" L Corners(Flexible design, according to your actual needs, the corner can be left or right, or assembled into a straight wall)
1 - 2"x1" T Corner A
1 - 2"x1" T Corner B
1 - 2"x1" Cross Corner
1 - Door

Modular Wooden Terrain Tile Walls/Fence (Set of 16)

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