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  • QUICK REFERENCE FOR SPELL CARDS - This d&d spell card case keeps your spell cards organized and easy to flip through to find the spells & the information about the spells. It's a great little prop that gets you in the mood to play your character!
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Our spellbook binder can also be used to store any information needed for quick reference from spells, items, and rules to mini character sheets or even a fantasy business card folder to show your love for D&D.
  • COMES WITH BLANK CARDS - Comes with 54 blank player cards so that you can make your own spell / item cards. Great for quick reminders, character notes, campaign info, and item descriptions!
  • SIZE & CAPACITY - This Faux Leather Caster's Spellbook measures 3.9" length x 0.6" thick x 3.3" width(Closed). And it can hold up to 54 standard-sized spell cards.
  • ADD DEPTH TO YOUR FAVORITE SPELLCASTER - Always know where your spell cards are so you can start blasting as soon as the vermin appear. Now the wizard can actually crack open his spell book during the game, feel like a real Wizard with CZYY Spellbook Card Holder!

Casting the right spell at the right time can save an entire party of Adventurers from certain death...But sometimes a beleaguered Wizard or Cleric can have a hard time sorting through all his options.

Here is the ultimate Spell-casters Cards Holder designed to keep your spell cards safe and organized while you are away from the table.

Try our cool and functional Caster's Spellbook Card Holder!


- Made of high-quality Faux Leather.

- Hold up to 54 standard-sized Spell Cards.

- Comes with 54 blank cards, use them to put down all your special abilities, references, and training.

Spellbook & Spellcard Deck Case With 54 Blank Cards

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